Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Can I Use If I Have Not Selected A Home Yet?

Yes, does not require you to currently have a contract for purchase on a home before starting a campaign. The only requirement is that you purchase a home using the funds raised for your down payment within 60 days of your down payment campaign closing. Should you have an idea of the amount you will need as a down payment then you can start a campaign today.


What Happens If I Do Not Reach My Down Payment Goal?

Should you start a down payment campaign and not reach your goal by the end of the campaign then the amount raised will still be provided to you to be used for a partial down payment. You as the potential home buyer will be responsible for any remaining funds needed for your total down payment. Should you not be able to close on your home due to lack of funds then all of the funds raised via will be returned to each contributor.


Who Can Raise A Down Payment Using

Any person who can legally buy a home can use to raise a down payment with two exceptions. Investors and businesses entities cannot start down payment campaigns as is dedicated to helping individual home buyers. Whether you are buying your first home, your dream home, a vacation home or a luxury home (yes, even those who have may need assistance) Is a great avenue to help you raise the down payment you need to purchase a home.


Do I Have to Repay Any Down Payment Funds Raised?

No, any and all down payment funds that you raise through a campaign on will not need to be repaid at any time. Funds raised through contributions are considered gifts and not investments so there is no expectation of repayment. The funds raised are to be used as a down payment to purchase a home that you are currently under contract to purchase or looking to buy. These funds at no time can be used for anything else. Should you not be able to purchase a home for any reason within 60 days of your campaign closing then those funds will be returned to each individual contributor.


What Happens If I Do Not Qualify For A Home Loan?

In many cases people start the home buying process before determining if they can obtain a home loan and this is an important step. For that reason we recommend that prior to starting a down payment campaign you contact a reputable loan officer to see if you qualify for a loan to purchase a home. Should you start a campaign and eventually be informed that you are unable to qualify for a loan then your designated Beneficiary may use the funds to purchase a home. If the funds raised are not used within 60 days of your campaign closing then any and all funds will be returned to each contributor.


Should I Hire A Realtor Before Starting A Campaign?

Although working with a Realtor is not a requirement to use it is recommend that you contact a local Realtor to assist you in the home buying process. Just like a reputable loan officer a good Realtor can make the entire process a lot smoother by getting you pre-approved for a loan, showing you available homes, negotiating a great offer, scheduling your inspections and making sure you close on time. Not to mention that their services are free to you, the buyer, as the seller will pay all of the commission at closing. will gladly provide a referral if needed.


Is’s Down Payment Crowdfunding Legal?

Yes, although down payment crowdfunding is a relatively new concept it has been developed and researched efficiently by will abide by state and Federal laws regarding gift funds as a home down payment for your specific loan product prior to closing. Should your lender not allow third party gift funds then the funds raised will be released to your Beneficiary after closing. We will work closely with the Title Company and/or real estate attorney involved in each transaction to make sure all rules and regulations are followed accordingly.

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