About Us

HomeFunded.com is the innovative down payment crowdfunding startup that helps home buyers raise down payment funds via their social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and the HomeFunded.com community of contributors. The concept for the crowdfunding down payment site was developed in Spring 2013 after a local Real Estate Broker witnessed the housing market becoming dominated by private investors and hedge funds who were buying up real estate throughout the nation to be used as rental property leaving the average home buyer fewer opportunities to purchase.

The theory was to help potential home buyers raise a larger down payment so that they would have the ability to compete with these corporate entities and sellers who were accepting cash or conventional loan offers only. The concept has since been developed into a larger venture to help qualified home buyers across the nation who lack the necessary down payment but have the ability to buy a home raise it through small contributions from their family, friends and their social network.

In the future HomeFunded.com will hopefully be the primary site potential home buyers go to as they start the home buying process to learn about raising a down payment for the purchase of their home. Whether it is their first home or their dream home HomeFunded.com looks to make the opportunity of home ownership easier for everyone.

As our mission statement states "helping bridge the gap between renting and home ownership" is the goal.

The Gift of Home Ownership!

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The future of the American Dream of home ownership has never been brighter thanks to HomeFunded... more