Campaign Fees

It is FREE to sign up, create a Down Payment campaign or contribute to a campaign on As a campaigner there is a 5% funding fee associated with your Down Payment campaign, which is charged after your campaign closes and funds are distributed to the title company, real estate attorney or your beneficiary. The funding fee is charged on the total down payment funds raised regardless if you reached your goal or not. uses PayPal exclusively as our payment provider. Whether making contributions to a campaign with an established PayPal account or a credit card, PayPal charges a 2.9% fee. In the event that a campaigner is unable to close on their home within 60 days after their campaign closes and the raised funds are returned to each contributor the 2.9% fee will not be reimbursed by PayPal and thus the contribution will be less this amount.

TOTAL FEES:  7.9% = 5% (Funding Fee) + 2.9% (PayPal Fee)

Contributors are never charged any fees for contributing to a Down Payment campaign!

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