Social Buzz

Creating Social Buzz is truly the key to creating a successful Down Payment campaign. So what exactly is social buzz? It is the process of getting those in your social media network like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to help you spread the word across your local area, region or the entire nation without the use of traditional media like newspapers or television news reports.

Social buzz can happen if your story moves, impresses or connects with people in your social network making them “Like” and “Share” your down payment campaign with others in their own social network who then may “Like” and “Share” your campaign to their network and so on. We recommend making your campaign story as complete and honest as possible so that people can truly feel your need.

With that said, do not take traditional media for granted because one press release to your local paper or news station could set fire to your campaign. Just remember they are consistently flooded with thousands of news stories from major PR firms and every day people looking to get a story done. Your friends on social network are not.

Start by locating your social network’s biggest players, the ones with thousands of friends, fans, followers, subscribers or connections. Share your campaign with them and follow up with direct contact recommending that they read about your journey towards home ownership and if they like what they read to share it with their network too.

The more proactive you are at reaching out to your social network the more likely you will reach your down payment goal. Of course, this all works best if you have already established a relationship in the past but the great thing about social networking is that it is never too late to start. That is what it is for, right?

Social media will be the easiest and most affordable way to create social buzz so start there first and then work your way up.

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