Crowdfunding is a commonly used method to raise funds for various endeavors and soon a down payment will be no different. The concept known as crowdfunding is a method where small monetary contributions are donated by a great number of individuals to raise a larger sum.

However, crowdfunding is only as effective as you the user work it. The process relies on you to strategically reach out to as many people as you can to increase your contributions.

Below you will find a few tips on how to effectively create contributions:

1) Just Ask! – Your family, friends, co-workers and associates want to see you do well and buying your first home or your dream home is part of that. Let them know what you are doing, how you plan on doing it and ask them to contribute small or large. Remember, with crowdfunding every little bit counts.

2) Share with Your Social Network – Everyone seems to have a Facebook page or a Twitter account with hundreds of friends all over the world that we have never even met but talked to for years. By using the Share feature on your campaign page you can send them a link to your campaign with a nice note asking them to review your story and contribute if they would like to help you.

3) Use Your Social Wealth – Social Wealth is the combined connections you have acquired across all of the social networks. Maybe you know someone who has thousands of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and/or YouTube subscribers that you can reach out to help you spread the word that you are buying a home. Sometimes it is not what you know but like in this case who you know.

4) Send Press Release – If you have a good story then your local media may like to cover it. Are you just graduating college and want to buy a home for your mom? Starting a family and need the extra room for the coming baby? Have you been renting for 10 years but want to buy your first home? These stories can be of interest to the general public and more interest you can create the more likely you will reach your down payment goal.

5) Post Flyers – Yes, even something as simple as posting flyers in the community that you live in now may work, especially if they know who you are. Post on community bulletin boards, gyms, grocery store and local business is an excellent opportunity to reach people outside of your network. Your campaign page prints out nicely as a flyer.

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