How it Works

Find A Home

Before you start a Down Payment Campaign you should have an idea of the home you are going to be purchasing so that you know how much down payment you will need to qualify for a loan. This step will involve contacting a Realtor to look at homes and a mortgage loan officer to determine how much you can afford. Although not necessary, if you have found a home then you are able to provide a picture and full details within your campaign.

Create A Campaign

Whether you have placed a contract on a home, are currently looking or have not decided just yet you can start a Down Payment Campaign. You will need to know the amount of your down payment goal, the location of your new home, a brief story of why home ownership is important to you, a picture of the home and/or video if you have one, the duration  in days your campaign should last and your social network URLs. It takes less than 5 minutes to start a campaign!

Share Your Campaign

Once your campaign has launched, now is the time to share the word with family, friends, co-workers, associates, the media and the community of contributors via your social network. We all have social wealth in our network of friends, followers, subscribers and connections and now is the perfect time to use it. The more your campaign is shared amongst your social network the more likely you will create interest in your campaign and successfully reach your goal.

Get Campaign Funded

An effective campaign should reach thousands either directly through your own efforts or that of your social network. The more reach you have the more campaign contributions you will receive and likely reach your goal. You can receive contributions in increments of $5 with a minimum of $10 and a $1,000 maximum per contribution. You can raise more than your campaign goal but once you have reached your goal your campaign is considered funded.

Close On Your Home

The day has finally come when you have found the perfect home, successfully raised your down payment, been qualified for a home loan and are now ready to close on that home. Once your closing date has been verified Home Funded will release those down payment funds to the title company if your lender accepts third party gift funds. If not, your down payment funds will be released to your beneficiary after closing. Now get those keys and move in as we congratulate you on achieving home ownership!

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The Gift of Home Ownership!

The American Dream of Home Ownership is within reach for many more home buyers by using and your social network to reach out to family, friends and the community you are well on your way to home ownership. It takes less than 5 minutes to start a campaign

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